Jevin Kuriakose on moving from Kerala to Delhi for his PGDM and never looking back

Jevin_KuriakoseAnyone who has ever been to Kerala will know exactly what Jevin Kuriakose means when he says he was used to living in a comfort bubble. God’s own country, as it is often referred to, is stunning, calm, and serene. It represents a sea change from the hustle and bustle of North India, especially the capital city. But Jevin decided to make the transition as he enrolled for the program with FORE School of Management, New Delhi. Today he relishes every experience the change brought him. “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience a different culture and way of life. I knew it would be a tough journey, but it’s going to be worth it.”

A mixed bag of emotions

When Jevin made it through the selection process for the B-School, he knew he wanted to take the plunge. Besides being one of the top B-Schools in the country, FORE School of Management offered the experience of studying in exciting NCR. But letting go of ease and comfort wasn’t easy. “When the realization dawned that I was moving to Delhi, I had mixed feelings. I knew I was going to miss home, my friends and family. But a new place, new life, and the opportunity to make new friends was also exciting. I knew the first couple of months would be difficult because of the language issue, but I wasn’t going to turn back on my decision.”

Exploring his new life to the fullest

Interestingly, it didn’t take long for Jevin to feel welcomed on campus and to open a new chapter in his life. He made friends with his batch mates, several of them being local students. He explored the capital city and surrounding areas with them, living his student life to the hilt. “After the 1st term exams, some of us went to Kasol, Manali and had a great time. I believe everyone changes with the environment they are in – the peer group and the experiences they have. I call it self-development and look forward to that journey.

Ideal preparation for a professional career

At his B-School, Jevin is getting acquainted with different cultures and backgrounds. He is being influenced by a strong peer group with versatile experiences and expertise in individual domains. Through his work with different committees and projects, he has also learned the value of team work, multi-tasking, and other skills which will prove useful in future. “I am interested in branding, positioning, and market research. So I will major in Marketing. I have also focused on Global Systems and Operations because I understand the ongoing technological revolution. I don’t want to limit my career and am open to possibilities.”


Interim Placements Report for PGDM Class of 2015-17 at FORE School of Management

New Delhi, 15th December: FORE School of Management (FSM) is cruising towards another successful placement season for its 2015-17 PGDM Program. Blue chip companies, strategy roles, IT sales, BFSI and e-wallet companies make their presence felt.

The current placement season is seeing a strong interest from blue chip companies who have, traditionally, been strong recruiters at FORE. HUL, Reckitt Benckiser, Asian Paints, ITC, Maruti, etc., to name a few.

Banking and Financial Services (BFSI) companies, like ICICI, SBI, CRISIL, Darashaw etc. also showed up in strong numbers. Consulting companies like Deloitte, EY, KPMG showed up and so did the technology consulting companies like Cognizant, Genpact, etc.

And then came the dividends of demonetization. Given that last year, some of the E-Commerce companies had deferred their joining dates, E Commerce companies were not expected to hire in big numbers. However, because of demonetization, companies like Paytm, MobiKwik, Free Charge are hiring in bigger numbers and E-Commerce companies, expecting a brighter outlook going forward, are making a late dash for FORE students.

Another sector that is reaping from demonetization is the BFSI sector and FORE is seeing the recruitment numbers of Banks getting revised. In this sector, the client base is increasing, the quantum of money in bank deposits is increasing, loans are expected to go up, the number of high net worth customers is expected to go up – all this means more recruitment from B Schools. Banks which had already recruited from FORE are evincing interest to come for second round.

Another positive trend is the increase in number of strategy profiles offered on campus. FORE’s academic focus on Strategy is paying dividends. IT Sales is another area that has traditionally attracted a lot of companies to come to FORE. This year even Gartner came for IT Sales.

Last year at FORE had seen a peak salary of 21 Lakhs per annum and an average CTC of 9 Lakhs. This year, given the windfall of demonetization, placements are expected outshine the previous year.

Team Swachh Plastic wins Business Plan competitions one after the other

Have you heard of  ‘Biodegradable Plastic’….?!

Yes…Team Swachh Plastics’ whole idea of business is to provide a range of biodegradable plastic products for both industrial & household consumptionby manufacturing it indigenously!

Now isn’t it in sync with our Prime Minister’s mission of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan  and Make in India campaign….

In fact the idea at its core is inspired by a willingness to change people’s opinion about plastics, as being only a cause of environment degradation. The team wants to take this revolutionary concept of biodegradable plastic  or bio-plastics which can biodegrade easily and thus have minimal environment impact. The growing utilization of plastics in industrial and consumer applications combined with increased consumer awareness has led to an increased demand for bio- plastic products. The biodegradable polymers could be an alternative to the conventional plastic materials. These polymers being biodegradable can be disposed in safe and ecologically sound manner, through disposal processes like composting, soil application and biological waste water treatment.

The business plan of Swachh Plastic has been developed by the first year students of FORE School of Management– Rahul Gupta, Pranay Thakur, KunjGudhka and Pooja Agarwal. The team’s entrepreneurial mind set got activated in the true sense not when the idea came to their minds but when they actually got to put their thoughts into action during the workshop on Business Idea To Business Plan  organized  by Prof. (Dr.) Anita Tripathy  Lal, Prof-In-Charge  Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) FORE.

The team was later motivated by the Intra College B-Plan competition, “Concoct”, held in the Institute on Nov 04, 2016, where  the team ‘Swachh Plastic’ came as winners. The B-Plan competition in reality  helped the team members to shape their Plan as  per the feedback from the judges. The Jury  comprised of an Investor, Entrepreneur and a Faculty Member. Based on the  suggestionsfrom the experts, the team modified their plan and began participating in Inter College B-Plan Competitions

The first competition outside college was “Bizooka 2.0” held at Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Pune during December 23-24, 2015. Out of the 80 teams that had applied 8 were called for the final on-campus rounds. After a rigorous two days of presentations and answering questions from an expert panel of judges, the team Swachh Plastic stood second. Incorporating the learnings from their experience at SIIB and refining the idea further they went into the next B-Plan competition “Next Big Venture” at IMT Ghaziabad held on January 16, 2016. In the final on-campus round Team Swachh Plastic was adjudged at first place amongst the  16 invited teams which included IMI Delhi, IIT Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad and Bits Pilani.

Participation in these various B-Plan competitions has not just been about securing a position. The knowledge and the learnings from these events have been immense. The experience of  developing ‘Ideas into a  Business Plan’ and improving the plan further after every competition and feedback has been worth every bit, as it has been enriching and rewarding for all the team members.

As Foreians’ we are extremely grateful to our Institute FORE School of Management and thankful to the team of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development for giving us a wonderful opportunity – The idea that once was a seed, has now grown into a beautiful plant. Hopefully someday, it will be an oak, mightier, majestic and standing the test of times.

                                                                               -TEAM SWACHH PLASTIC

FORE School Keeps Up Placement Record

January 16, 2015: FORE School of Management (FSM) has had a strong opening to placement season. As on date, more than 90% of students have been placed and FORE is confident of completing the placements by as early as end of January.

Salary packages too have shown a strong trend this year. The highest offer this year is Rs 14 Lacs, so far, with average being Rs 8.3 Lacs and the median being Rs 8.2 Lacs. Around 60% of students have been offers of Rs 8 Lacs plus. PPOs have increased too with the largest PPO offer of Rs 13.2 Lacs. Considering this trend, students have been asked not to accept offers of less than Rs 7 Lacs but wait for better opportunity. With relatively low fee at FORE (compared to peer group), the Return on Investment is high and the payback period short (payback period = 16 months).

Not only packages, even the profile of jobs on offer have changed with a significant increase in consulting and finance profiles. Accenture, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, E&Y from the consulting domain have all hired from FORE this year. JP Morgan, Bank of America, SBI, Kotak, HDFC are a few of the companies that have recruited for Finance and related profiles. The e-commerce firms like Amazon, Quickr, GroupOn (NEARBUY) and India Mart, to name a few is also an indication of change in profile of firms hiring this year – reflecting growth of this sector.

Traditional recruiters from FMCG, Durables and IT have returned year after year to recruit from FORE. Hindustan Unilever has returned to FORE to pick up students for both Sales and Finance profiles. Asian Paints, Hector Beverages, Infosys, Cognizant, NIIT Technologies, Maruti Udyog and many others, like every year visited the campus and hired students. In fact, encouraged by the performance of FORE students last year, Cognizant and Infosys have hired in bulk.

Given the strong trend in placements, FORE is advising its students to be selective in acceptance of offers. “First offer is not necessarily the best offer”, says Professor Rajneesh Chauhan, Chair-Placements at FORE School of Management. He goes on to say that students are counseled constantly to carefully evaluate the opportunities so that the offer that they accept are closest to where their interests lie. Students are encouraged to be patient and not get anxious since FORE has a consistent track record of full placement. Select students are given the choice of multiple offers since the first offer may not be the best offer.

International Immersion Program: Hong Kong

One of the most awaited parts of the course that students look for, even at the time of admission into FORE School of Management, is the International Immersion Program (IIP), which has become a trademark since its inception. Preparing and packing in the midst of the summer internship interviews seemed to be a difficult task difficult but the “future managers” dealt it with ease.

After the hectic final term exams that marked the end of first year of PGDM, it was time for the much awaited IIP which is compulsory for all FOREians. All requirements and legal formalities were fulfilled and the only thing left was to board the flight.

Landing in HongKong made us forget the hectic schedule we were going through for the past month. At first, we were taken around the city for a tour that included a visit to MadameTussauds and the breathtaking Victoria’s Peak. After this quite amazing city tour, we had to curb the excitement as we had a session on the next day at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This session was led by some eminent professors from the university, and it gave us insight into many topics, including the local economy and development from a different perspective, which definitely helped us expand our knowledge and understanding of Honkong’s economy. After the sessions, we headed towards one of the most exciting amusement parks in the world: “Ocean Park”. Here, there were a lot of amazing rides that all of usenjoyed immensely.

Day 3 also started with a session at the university, followed by lunch. We were all taken to one of the most famous tourist spots in Hong Kong: Disney Land. Each one of us was reminded of our childhood days. Day 4 included our industrial visit to Shenzhen, in south China. China was completely different from Hong Kong. As soon as we crossed the immigration center, we could see that we were in a different country. Tung hing metal and plastic manufacturing Ltd. was the first destination for students once we entered China; we were taken to the manufacturing plant where we could see how China focuses on economies of scale.  As we were in China, we decided to do some shopping, which only made sense since it is a manufacturing hub. We were able to get electronics, clothes and several other products at cheaper prices as compared to other countries. Then, we returned to Hong Kong again. And, the next morning we once again went to the university for more sessions led by some of the university’s leading professors. This session covered general business topics gaining attention in Hong Kong. We were given a lot of information, including how Hong Kong has numerous advantages due to its close proximity to the manufacturing hub of China.

All in all, it was an amazing learning experience in a new country where we were able to gain knowledge on similar topics, but from different perspectives. After this trip, students agreed that pragmatic learning is the best source to accumulate knowledge. In addition, the opportunity to get an education while being on a fun trip is quite an amazing and unforgettable experience. All of us will remember this experience for the rest of our lives. We feel quite lucky that we are able to attend FORE School of Management, which is doing a great job in providing us with the knowledge that we need to take on the corporate world as future managers!

Bharat Mendiratta
Class 2015
PGDM, FORE School of Management

Students of FORE School of Management, New Delhi head to Hong Kong and Singapore for the International Immersion Program.

What a difference a week long International exposure to management learning and business practices can make to the lives of future corporate professionals! Students of FORE School of Management, New Delhi are about to find out as they embark on their International Immersion Program that takes place from March 28th to April 4th. While one lucky batch of 110 students from the institute will head to Hong Kong, the other batch of 106 will be off to the business hub of Singapore.

The International Immersion Program (IIP) is a highly successful program that has been run by the institute for the last few years. The renowned Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Poly U) is its partner university in Hong Kong; and, the students going to Singapore will head to Nanyang Business School, NTU. The idea behind the program is to offer maximum exposure to students, not only in terms of management learning and classroom experience but foreign culture as well. Thus, it turns out to be a well-rounded learning experience for all involved.

The itinerary for the program has been carefully chalked out and is a good mix of soaking in the local culture, taking in the stunning sights and also learning from some of the best International minds. One of the highlights of this year’s program in Hong Kong for students will be the tour of the buzzing industrial area of Shenzhen. It will offer the group an opportunity to visit the local, highly productive and efficient commercial enterprises. A trip to Lou Hu Commercial city is also in the cards during the visit.

Students will spend a substantial amount of time at the prestigious Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It will help them get a feel of an International classroom environment, in addition to giving them an opportunity to exchange notes and bond with their contemporaries in a foreign country. The trip will also include a Hong Kong City tour, a visit to Disneyland, and an opportunity to see some of the important sights, including various monasteries and the popular cable car ride. The shopping trip on the last day will round off the experience nicely for the students.

Those headed to Singapore can look forward to a productive learning experience led by some renowned faculty at the highly-regarded Nanyang Business School. Several sessions have been organized for the students, which will surely offer an engaging and enriching learning experience.  From a trip to the famous Universal Studios to the Jurong Bird Park, a tour of the Gardens by the Bay and the exciting Sentosa Island, in addition to time spent at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, there is a lot that the group of students can look forward to in the island city.

The immediate benefits of the program will be seen by the students in terms of exposure to a foreign learning environment. However, the bigger picture suggests many long term benefits for students. After all, FORE School of Management has a solid foreign placement record and that’s partly because of the International exposure through programs like this one, which always holds students in good stead. Clearly, there’s a lot at stake for the visiting groups, and it is safe to say that they will come back a lot richer and wiser from the experience.

Participants praise FORE’s May MDP for being interactive and useful

Interactive and useful were two of the comments participants made about FORE School of Management’s May Management Development Program.

Spreadsheet Modelling for Financial Analysis which ran May 6-7, 2013 under the direction of Prof. Himanshu Joshi was as super success. Dealing with financial analysis and modelling using MS-Excel, the program covered basic and advanced features of Excel, along with financial statement forecasting, time value of money concepts, financial planning, investments, bond pricing and duration analysis.

Aimed at middle and senior managers handling corporate finances, investment bankers and managers at equity brokerage firms, the goals of the MDP included: providing an understanding of MS Excel for financial analysis; teaching how to develop good Excel models and debug them and learning how to develop spreadsheet models for financial statement forecasting, time value of money, financial planning and investments, bond pricing and analysis.

Bhaskar Chandra Mohapatra of SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant liked the fact that it was a more interactive session, while Aarti Sharma of the Pipavav Railway Corporation had praise for the way Prof. Himanshu Joshi and Prof. Vandana Gupta clearly explained things.

“I liked the financial statement as well as spreadsheet modelling and problem solving framework,” said Kamal Kumar Sharma of State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, while Pravin Kumar Dubey of  Pipavav Railway Corporation found all the sessions to be “extremely useful”.